UI / UX Design

What makes a product more appealing and usable? A Robust design process based on a user-centric design approach that follows best practices. User experience is more than a design know-how; it is a strategic offering that brings together data-driven insights, cultural behavior, user objectives, technology, and creative vision.


Website Design

pc加拿大群5元群A responsive site has is not a matter of luxury for a brand anymore, whereas it is a must to have for any business who wishes to have an online presence. A responsive website enhances the viewing experience as it perfectly fits into any device and dimension. The color, font, links, graphic, content, look and feel of the website instantly gets adjusted to match the shape and dimension of a screen as big as a television or as small as a smartphone. Responsive website designing is an economical choice as well because it allows you to get a site with various dimensions at the cost of one making sure that all the feature and functionalities work flawlessly on all dimensions and devices.

We at Innvonix are not only capable of creating a responsive website from scratch, but we can also update your existing website into a responsive design. We are proud of having the most talented responsive web designers who can bring life to your site by adding responsive features which will boost your business offering. Our responsive web designers are capable of working on sites for small, large and enterprise level business that operate in any business vertical.

Mobile Application Design

pc加拿大群5元群Studies reveal that the use of mobile devices has increased drastically and the average time a person spends on the mobile in a day has also increased. This means that a human is so much dependent on his mobile phone for lots of activities and tasks. The use of mobile phone has not only restricted to receiving phone calls, but it has gone way beyond that. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. Right from sending emails, making video calls, shopping, setting up reminders, and much can be done through this small smart device. With more and more apps being launched in the market on a daily basis, the industry has become more competent and the one who delivers the best user experience sustains in the market.

pc加拿大群5元群We at Innvonix are a full-service app agency that help brands drive their business smoothly through the mobile apps. Our team of passionate designers is fanatical to study human behavior and adopt the latest design trends to awe the customers with exceptional user experience and makes them come back to your app more frequently. Our mobile app designers are capable of designing iOS and Android-based apps from scratch and can also redesign outdated app designs into an intuitive, fully-functional and user-friendly experience.


Graphics for Print Media

As a business, you cannot afford to compromise on your brand identity. Hence everything that displays your product or services be it in printable or digital format needs to be handled professionally. Your logo, brochure, business card and any marketing material that goes out in the market needs to hold the standard of your brand based on which your target audience will recognize you and judge your services. Graphic designing is an essential part of any business as it creatively portrays your marketing requirements with the help of innovative graphics. A professional graphic design gives you the edge to stand out of the competition and helps you to position your brand to strengthen the trust of your customers and the product offerings.

The graphic designing team at Innvonix are truly the most creative minds. They have the eye to understand and analyze the objective and the ultimate goal behind the graphics. As a process, our Graphic Designers understand the exact requirement of the customers, their business vertical and based on that work on the projects. The combination of client brief and the creativity of our designers have helped us deliver graphics which are very much appreciated by our customers.

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